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Sygic GPS Navigation & Maps Premium

sygic gps navigation patched apk

Version: 17.3.6
Updated on: January 3, 2018
Size: 300MB+
Requires Android: 4.0.3 and up
Downloads: 10,000,000+
Developer: Sygic.

GPS Navigation Unlocked & Maps is The World’s Most Installed Offline turn-by-turn GPS navigation App for Android powered by TomTom Maps. Navigation and Maps are installed on the SD card so there is no need for an Internet connection when navigating.

You can enjoy free navigation, gps, offline TomTom maps, POIs, route planning & map updates. To get the most of the navigation, upgrade to premium and enjoy high-end lifetime features: 3D maps, real-time turn-by-turn voice-guided navigation, lane guidance, speed limit warnings & junction view with lane indicator arrows at complex intersections.To get the most of the navigation, upgrade to premium and enjoy high-end lifetime features: 3D maps, real-time turn-by-turn voice-guided navigation, lane guidance, speed limit warnings & junction view with lane indicator arrows at complex intersections.

Sygic GPS navigation Full APK by SoFDL

Sygic GPS Navigation Unlocked APK + Offline MAPs

Sygic GPS Navigation APK + Offline Maps Download

Sygic GPS navigation Patched APK

Sygic GPS Pro APK + Trial Reset APK

Sygic GPS Navigation Map selector APK

Sygic GPS Navigation & Maps Downloader (Patch) features

  • Intuitive voice navigation in different languages
  • High quality TomTom maps stored on the device
  • Cross-border routing & navigation without the need to switch between countries or to a less detailed map
  • Works with GPS only, internet is not needed
  • Millions of free pre-installed POIs
  • Head-up Display (HUD) available
  • 3D Cities & Landscape for easy orientation
  • Pedestrian navigation to walk and explore
  • Dynamic Lane Guidance for safe lane changes
  • Junction View to highlights highway exists
  • Warnings for exceeded Speed Limit
  • Warnings for fixed speedcams
  • Police trap warnings from other drivers
  • Spoken Street Names to focus on the road
  • Three Alternative Routes to choose from
  • Easy Drag & Drop route editing
  • Waypoints for places you want to visit
  • Avoid Toll Roads on your route
  • Graphics optimized for tablet & HD displays
  • Car Audio Integration – Bluetooth or cable

Unlocked ADD-ONS

• Traffic service to avoid delays in your daily commute
• Get navigation instructions from Homer Simpson & other original celebrity voices
• Premium online speed cameras with 300 000 mobile speedcam locations each month
• Head Up Display (HUD) projects GPS navigation onto your windshield
Algeria, Andorra, Angola, Argentina, Australia, Austria, Azerbaijan, Bahrain, Belgium, Benin, Botswana, Brazil, Brunei, Bulgaria, Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Canada, Canary Islands, Colombia, Croatia, Czech Republic, Cyprus, Democratic Republic of Congo, Denmark, Egypt, Estonia, Finland, France, Gabon, Germany, Ghana, Gibraltar, Greece, Hong Kong, Hungary, Chile, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Ireland, Italy,Israel, India, Kenya, Kuwait, Latvia, Lesotho, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Macau, Malawi, Malaysia, Mali, Malta, Mauritania, Mauritius, Mayotte, Mexico, Monaco, Morocco, Mozambique, Namibia, Netherlands, New Zealand, Niger, Nigeria, Norway, Oman, Pakistan, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Qatar, Republic of Congo, Reunion, Romania, Russia, San Marino, Saudi Arabia, Senegal, Serbia, Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia, South Africa, Spain, Swaziland, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Tanzania, Thailand, Togo, Tunisia, Turkey, Uganda, Ukraine, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, Uruguay, USA, Vatican, Vietnam, Venezuela, Zambia, Zimbabwe

Maps of all countries of the World from TomTom and other providers
• Europe, Russia
• North & South America
• Africa
• Asia & Middle East
• Australia, New Zealand

What’s New ?

  • Bug Fixes
  • ADD-ONs Unlocked (Patched)

Instructions & Downloads

Please make sure you have newest maps downloaded (please delete sygic/maps folder and download them again)

A) Clean Installation Process

  1. Uninstall the previous version and delete the ‘sygic/maps’ folder (If exist)
  2. Download the Sygic GPS Navigation (Patched/Reactivation/Original) APK file from the links given below.
  3. Install the app on your android phone. [Don’t run/open the app at all]
  4. Download the Maps Base folder file (.ZIP file) of respective APK (Patched/Reactivation/Original)  from the links given below.
  5. Extract the .ZIP file in any folder of your phone’s memory.
  6. Copy/Cut and Paste the extracted folders- ‘Android’,’Res’,’Maps to the following path respectively –
     Interna/Emulated/0/Android/data/com.sygic.aura/files/put here Android,Maps,Res
  7. Done, Launch Sygic GPS Navigation App  and remember in first start do not send e-mail press SKIP

Downloads –

Sygic (Patched) APK (33MB) Mirror

Sygic (Patched + Reactivation) APK (33MB) Mirror

Sygic (Original) APK (34MB) Mirror


B) Maps Downloader

Use for to download the MAP of your region/country.

  1. Download the ‘Map Downloader’ (.EXE) software from the given link below.
  2. Run the file on Windows PC, Select & Download your Map (‘example.2dc’), Voices [if you want !]
  3. Copy/Cut and Paste the ‘example.2dc’, ‘voice-example’ into your phone’s following directory –
    (for Android <4.4) 'Internal or SDCard/Sygic/Maps/~put maps here~'
     (for Android 4.4+) 'Android/data/com.sygic.aura/files/Maps/~put maps here~'


Sygic GPS MAPS Downloader (.exe) (2MB) Mirror

C) Maps Selector

Use this method to download the OpenStreet 3D buildings

  1. Download the Maps Selector APK file from the given link below.
  2. Download 3D Buildings Maps from the given link below.
  3. Open Map Selector App, Select your Map, Done.


Sygic GPS MAPS Selector APK (4MB) Mirror

OpenStreet 3D Buildings.ZIP (1MB) Mirror

D) Green MAP

  1. Download the Green Map file (.mftc) from the below link.
  2. Replace file world1.mftc in \Sygic\Res\textures\ with this one
  3. Launch Sygic.
  4. DONE


world1.mftc world1.mftc

Offline Maps available :


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