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SoundHound ∞ Music Search (MOD)

SoundHound PRO APK

Sound Hound PRO APK
Version: 8.9.5 b20333
Updated on:  March 30, 2019
Size: 24MB
Requires Android: 4.3+
Downloads: 500,000+
Developer: SoundHound Inc.

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  • SoundHound ∞ - Music Discovery & Hands-Free Player Screenshot
  • SoundHound ∞ - Music Discovery & Hands-Free Player Screenshot

The most immersive Music Search, Discovery and Play Experience on mobile.

SoundHound Pro APK recognizes music playing around you. Tap the SoundHound button to instantly identify songs and see lyrics, share, buy or explore more from artists you know and love or have just discovered.

You can even search for by singing or humming into SoundHound Pro. SoundHound is the only App in the world that can give you results through singing and humming search!


◦ Blazing fast music recognition
◦ The world’s only singing and humming recognition
◦ LiveLyrics: see lyrics move in time with the music
◦ Home screen widget allows you to identify music without launching the app
◦ No banner advertisements
◦ SoundHound Headlines: brings you free song streams, new artists, and more
◦ Beautifully optimized for tablets
◦ Real-time Facebook and Twitter updates from your favorite artists
◦ Facebook and Twitter sharing, listen-on-startup, and geotagging
◦ Buy links, YouTube videos, artist biographies, and much more
✧ Thank you to our 200 million+ fans and loyal users for making SoundHound a must-have App! ✧
★ Reviews and Honors for SoundHound ★
◦ Top 10 Must-Have Android Apps – Bob Tedeschi, NY Times
◦ Best Music Engagement App – BILLBOARD Music App Awards
◦ Your top 10 Android Apps – “I love this app… unique in its class.” – Jessica Dolcourt, CNET
◦ The Best Android Apps – “There’s no limit.” – John Herrman, Gizmodo
◦ “Genius, isn’t it?” – B.B.C. World Radio
◦ “This is amazing… insane, right?” – David Pogue of the NY Times
Note: Location is used to store where songs were discovered. It can be disabled from the Options menu.

SoundHound Pro (Latest)

• Tap the orange button to instantly identify songs and see live lyrics, video playback, share, stream, or buy
• Sing or Hum into SoundHound∞, for results when you can’t get that song out of your head
• Access your History, showing your previous searches (register to ensure you can access all of your discoveries!) to add to your Spotify playlist
• Search hands-free. “OK Hound, what’s this song?”
• SoundHound∞ saves all of your searches for easy playback

• View LiveLyrics®, moving real-time with the music, and sing along
• Check out weekly featured songs, videos, artists & albums
• Find out what’s being played near you & around the world with our Music Map
• Learn about ‘Artists Born Today’, showcasing artists on their birthday, everyday
• Access artist photos & biographies, album release dates & band info
• See the hottest in new music, across Global, Emerging and Popular charts
• Learn about new releases using your voice. “OK Hound, what’s Taylor Swift’s latest song?”

• Play the full song and watch the music video with our embedded YouTube player
• Browse the top videos others are watching
• Listen to songs or playlists in your favorite connected streaming services, such as Spotify or Pandora
• Purchase songs or albums instantly in Google Play
• Say it to play it. “OK Hound, please play Hello by Adele”
• Enjoy a hands-free listening experience using voice for playback controls – play, stop, shuffle, pause, replay or turn up the volume


Bug fixes and improvements


Languages: en, ru
Platform arm7 +, x86 +
Deeply optimized graphics
The manifesto is optimized
Promotional resources are reset
The modification is untied from Google Services
Analytics collection is blocked
Compression: Ultra + ZipAlign
Signature changed


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