How To Download From UPLOD.CC, DailyUploads & DropAPK

How to Download from

Hello everyone, Now I will be telling you how to download any apk file from, First of all you need to click one of this link. We don’t host any apk file on the site but we use third party hosting instead. such as,,,, and more. These Links where apk file are.

  1. Click on links such as above given example.
  2. Click on FREE Download button.
  3. You will be redirected to the above shown page.
  4. Now, First solve the Captcha.
  5. Then, UNCHECK the option below Create Download link.
  6. Wait for the time to reach 0 seconds.



How to Download from UPLOD.CC?

1. How to Download From UPLOD.CC (Recommended)

1) Click link on the post.

2) Solve the Captcha




3) Uncheck “Download with Addons” or something similar to it. (In most cases this is where unwanted app came from).

4) Now click download. (You will be redirected to a new page.)

5) If you click anywhere, you will get a pop-up add on a new window

6) Close that tab.

7) Now click Download & OK

Click here if you want to register UPLOD.CC




2. How to Download from

  • Click link on the post.
  • Then click download. It’s so easy




3. How to Download From

  • Click link on the post.
  • Uncheck “Download with Addons” or something similar. then click Download

  • Now click the blue Download banner




4. How to Download From

  • Click link on post.
  • Click on Free Download (see screenshots below)

  • Then click “Download File”

  • Now click “Download to your mobile”

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