What do we provide?

Here we posts some news that you need to be aware of and cool and great apps with various mods of apps and games with clean interface and more privacy. Do you know Analytics and crash reporters can send your device’s information to developers? Do you know the ads within the apps can lead user to malware sites which is not likable . So we try to disable those stuff and gives you more secure and safer app.

What does “SOFDL” means?
“SOF” means SOFTWARES and “DL” means DOWNLOADS

while untill today we provide only android apps but we plan for other O.S in future -)

Some History of us –

  • Initially we began as an inspiration by OnHAX.me – Tech Forever
  • We bought our very first domain – ‘FLIPX.NET’ on 31st March 2016 from GoDaddy.      (But due to some partnership issues, the site was down on 3rd August 2016)
  • But our admin and some of us maintained our determination and bought a new domain – ‘DROIDmines.com’ on 8th August 2016 and well ruined up the market of websites providing android free content,etc.
  • But, it was hacked and all our database was lost. So, further prevention to such attack we left DROIDmines.com domain and decide to shift to a new domain – ‘SOFDL.NET’
  • Now, SOFDL is more powerful, secure, fast, beautiful than any other website we mentioned above (Since, it is said that; “One learn from failures”).

We are here, only BECAUSE of you”

Thank You, Keep visiting SOFDL 


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